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We’ve been really impressed with the work-they have built an outdoor riding arena, put in some drainage in another area, installed a new sump pump, and releveled our indoor arena. We plan to do more drainage work and we will definitely use Reliable. They show up when they say they will, communicate throughout, and are truly professional. Highly recommend!

Very good group of guys! Very impressed with the quality of work they perform!

We have had water problems in our yard since we bought our house 14 years ago! Every time it rains, the water flows down from the house and empty lot beside us. It leaves us and our neighbor with so much water!

We are putting in a pool this year and knew we had to get this problem taken care of.

Jordan came out and gave us 3 different options, we decided to go with the most aggressive to keep the water out! We went with a concrete catch basin that will take the water down to the drain by the road! BIG JOB!

Since he finished the job a few days ago we have had a big rain, we went out with umbrellas to see the magic happen! Super silly but it was amazing to watch that water flow right where it was directed!

Also, a few months back we had him put in a large pad for our camper, it was also an amazing job. We decided to extend it while the guys were working on excavating the yard anyway.

Here's to a yard that don't flood and a pool to float in this summer!

Thank you Jordan and Jerren for a great job!

Reliable Excavating was very responsive to our needs, from the beginning of our driveway project, to the end. They did a great job completely redesigning our driveway, installing drainage and resurfacing it. 

In addition, Jordan and Jerren made sure that we were completely satisfied with the results.  We were very pleased with the outcome and would definitely recommend Reliable Excavating. 

"The team was responsive, friendly and did extra work to finish the job.  They made sure they did the job above par standards.  Great guys, can't go wrong with hiring these guys."

Reliable Excavating did an amazing job grading our back yard to prep for our new pool!  Jordan and his crew where very professional and courteous, and tended to our every need for this job!  Will be hiring them again next year for our koi pond dig!

They did a great job leveling my 4.7 acre lot.

We had a drainage problem in the backyard.  He did a great job at putting in the drains and grading to make the water move to the drains.  Water that would have laid in the yard for a couple days after a rain was gone in 10 minutes after the heavy rain ended. 

Talk about a breath of fresh air!  Down to earth and professional!  In the past it has been hard to find dependable professionals!  Would not hesitate to hire again, highly recommend!